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  • AEG


    Explore the excellence of innovation and engineering with AEG, a leading brand in home appliances.

  • Asko


    Explore Swedish elegance and efficiency with Asko, the premium appliance brand for your home

  • Barazza


    Explore the excellence of Italian stainless steel with Barazza, a leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality kitchen appliances.

  • Beko


    Discover accessible innovation with Beko, the leading brand of appliances for a simpler and more convenient life.

  • Bertazzoni


    Explore Italian artisan excellence with Bertazzoni, manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances.

  • Bosch Appliances Free Positioning

    Bosch Appliances Free Positioning

    Discover the wide range of free-standing Bosch appliances, perfect to fit any space and kitchen style

  • Bosch kitchen

    Bosch kitchen

    Explore German innovation and excellence with Bosch Elettrodomestici, the leading brand in home appliances.

  • candy


    Candy offers top-quality built-in kitchen appliances with cutting-edge design and high energy efficiency. Excellent results in a short time and innovative features that make life easier. Reliable, high-performance and versatile: ensure consistent performance without compromising on the taste of your kitchen!

    Candy is a leading brand in the production of built-in kitchen appliances. Our wide range of innovative products offers everyone the opportunity to equip their home with top quality appliances to suit their individual needs. From ovens to food warmers, through induction cookers to combined refrigeration systems and dishwashers, Candy has created cutting-edge solutions that enhance the user experience in terms of convenience, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Our models are easy to install as they have been designed in detail by industry experts to allow for easier and more intuitive assembly than previous generations. The modern design matches perfectly with any style from classic to contemporary, ensuring uncompromising versatility.

  • coldline blast chiller

    coldline blast chiller

    Discover the precision and efficiency of Cold Line domestic blast chillers, perfect for keeping food fresh for longer.

  • Electrolux


    Explore innovation and Scandinavian style with Electrolux, the leading brand of home appliances.

  • Elica


    Explore Italian design and high-level performance with Elica kitchen hoods, synonymous with elegance and functionality.

  • Falmec cappe

    Falmec cappe

    Discover Italian excellence in kitchen hood design with Falmec, leader in innovation and quality.

  • fhiaba


    Discover elegance and high-level performance with Fhiaba, the leading brand in quality home storage

  • Foster


    Discover Italian innovation and elegance with Foster, the leading brand of steel appliances for your kitchen.

  • Franke


    Discover Swiss excellence in the production of appliances for your kitchen with Franke.

  • Fulgor Milano

    Fulgor Milano

    Fulgor Milano is an Italian brand of high-end kitchen appliances. The company was founded in 1949 and has since produced a wide range of products, including cookers, ovens, hobs, dishwashers and refrigerators.

    Fulgor Milano is synonymous with quality, design and performance. Its products are made with the best materials and technologies and are designed to last over time. The company is also very design-conscious, offering products that are both stylish and functional.

  • Gaggenau


    Discover German craftsmanship and timeless elegance with Gaggenau, the luxury appliance brand for your kitchen.



    Discover high-quality outdoor furniture and modern design to complete your outdoor space with style. With GANDIABLASCO products, enjoy the outdoors in total comfort and elegance.

  • Gessi


    Discover luxury and Italian design with Gessi taps, a symbol of elegance and quality for your bathroom and kitchen.

  • gorenje


    Gorenje has been the leading name in built-in kitchen appliances for almost 70 years. Gorenje appliances are precision-engineered, offering an impeccable combination of modern design and up-to-date functionality. Our products fit perfectly into any space in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. Each built-in appliance for your kitchen is equipped with the latest technology that will simplify everyday cooking and cleaning tasks, making it more fun to prepare your favourite pastries or remove dirt easily. We have also incorporated ecologically intelligent energy management and efficiency systems that guarantee the best performance and energy savings!



    GRF is an acclaimed brand in the market for providing quality kitchen refrigerators and freezers to its customers. The appliances are known for being energy efficient, stylish and reliable. GRF's range of kitchen fridges and freezers offers something for everyone: from large-capacity models with adjustable shelves, perfect for keeping food fresh all week long, to slimline options that fit easily into your space, to countertop units, ideal for those with limited space but who need some cooling power at hand! They also come with different temperature settings, so you can perfectly match them to the food being stored. These fantastic products have also been designed with practicality and safety in mind: each unit is equipped with an anti-tip protection that prevents it from moving during transport and being accidentally knocked over; in addition, there are no CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or ozone-damaging gases! These features make GRF kitchen refrigerator freezers one of the safest choices available today! With easy installation and long-lasting performance topping this impressive list of positive aspects, why not invest in a piece of kit that will last? Let GRF's years of experience work for you by choosing from their high-quality range: buy now and benefit from exceptional after-sales support too.

  • Haier


    Haier is the leading company in kitchen appliances. We offer a variety of innovative products of superior quality and durability, created from ecologically sustainable materials. Our range includes quick-drying refrigerators, multifunction convection ovens and aesthetically pleasing designs that will look great in any room of your home or business! Our fridges are equipped with advanced technology to improve performance while ensuring maximum hygiene during food preparation cycles. In addition, cold heat is dissipated directly from the wall around the inner doors.

  • hisense


    Hisense, the leading home appliance brand, offers an incredible selection of appliances and electronics to suit any lifestyle. With innovative design, technology and quality materials, Hisense is committed to providing products that are not only beautiful to look at but also perform excellently. From refrigerators to washing machines, televisions to air conditioners, Hisense has something for everyone! All products are built with advanced technologies such as the Energy Star® rating, which saves energy without sacrificing functionality or style. In addition, each appliance is designed with convenience in mind, providing easy-to-use settings and user interfaces that make household maintenance tasks simple to manage. Hisense appliances offer state-of-the-art features such as Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to control certain functions from anywhere, anytime using your phone or tablet. They also come with voice-assistance features that allow you to easily access various settings through voice commands! In addition, many models include additional accessories such as water filters for extra protection against dirt particles entering the drinking water supply lines, keeping it healthy all year round! The variety of designs offered by hisense gives customers more options in choosing the perfect product for their specific needs: from classic, elegant black finishes to sleek, modern silver shades, making every purchase specialised just for them! 

  • Hot point

    Hot point

    Hotpoint is renowned for offering the highest quality Elettrodomestici da incasso per cucina on the market. From built-in ovens to dishwashers, Hotpoint provides products that are reliable and deliver lasting performance. Their innovative technology ensures optimum results in an efficient manner while guaranteeing utmost convenience while using them. The range of Hotpoint’s Elettrodomestici da incasso per cucina offers something for everyone with a selection of sizes and features suited to all types of households. All models come with dedicated energy saving settings so you can keep your running costs low without compromising functionality or convenience levels. With easy access controls, intuitive display panels, their appliances make it simple for users to adjust settings as desired which further enhance user experience when cooking or cleaning up after meals has been served! All Hotpooint’s embedded kitchen appliances feature stylish designs made out superior grade materials giving these products added durability over time use whilst also enhancing overall aesthetics due being beautifully designed pieces ideal any kitchen setup both modern traditional styles alike! Furthermore providing peace mind they backed comprehensive warranty coverage system present give customers peace mind knowing product covered case anything goes wrong during normal operation whichever happens first – making great choice anyone looking trustworthy high performing long term investment makes daily routine easier..

  • Ilve


    Explore the Italian culinary art with Ilve, the leading brand of appliances for your kitchen.

  • indesit


    Indesit: Making the kitchen an unforgettable experienceThe kitchen is where we spend the most time with our families, so why not make this experience even better? Indesit has all the appliances you need for an unforgettable cooking experience. We have multifunction ovens that guarantee excellent results every time and smart refrigerators that keep your food at its best...these are just a few of the advanced technologies offered by Indesit to bring home comfort to your living area. Indet site's passion lies in offering people solutions to make the most of their home interior space.

  • InSinkErator


    Welcome to the InSinkErator kitchen waste disposer. We are proud to offer the best practical and elegant solutions to anyone wishing to discreetly and hygienically dispose of debris from their kitchen (kitchen waste disposers). Our devices are designed to transform the sink into a reliable system that will properly dispose of organic waste without compromising the quality of the environment or the hygiene of the end user. In addition, the -waste disposer facilitates disposal in compliance with current environmental management regulations, but also contributes to an effective alternative disposal system.



    Irinox is the go-to choice for professional kitchen managers and chefs when it comes to Abbattitori di temperatura per cucina. Irinox has been on the market since 1988, continuously innovating their products with cutting edge technology and a focus on sustainability. With their range of thermal shock units, they offer you complete flexibility while maintaining reliable temperatures that meet health regulations in any kind of cooking environment or menu type. Irinox’s features provide many benefits like rapid cooling up to -80°C, energy efficient design through advanced insulation materials such as natural polyurethane foam combined with an airtight hermetic seal around the door preventing heat leakage; clever self-monitoring abilities that instantly trigger programmed alarms if temperature limits are surpassed allowing accurate control over product quality; best in its class soundproofing to make inspections hassle-free without compromising performance levels; easy maintenance thanks to drainage systems facilitating sanitizing activities thus ensuring surfaces remain mold freeed etc., . It meets all your needs whatever size kitchen you have – from large industrial catering establishments to small restaurants - giving operators reassurance about food storage safety every time! Thanks to Irinox's Abbattitori di temperatura per cucina, restaurant kitchens can now be run more efficiently and effectively than ever before! The modernized built offers unbeatable performance at a reasonable price point so businesses no longer need compromise between cost & quality; always getting top

  • ITV ice maker

    ITV ice maker

    ITV Ice Maker: Fresh ice at your fingertips

  • jolly inox

    jolly inox

    JollyInox is Italy's leading company for built-in kitchen appliances. They offer a selection of appliances that provides homeowners with all the quality, robustness and safety they need.Jolly Inox prides itself on providing products with features that combine the latest technology with modern and elegant style at the same time. Carefully designed, their devices are made exclusively of the highest quality materials such as 18/10 stainless steel that is resistant to daily wear and tear and high temperatures; this surface will always look mirror clean after every use over time. Another interesting thing about JollyInox is the modular design that creates tailor-made solutions for furnishing any diversified kitchen environment without compromising the usable space of the interior cabinets.



    Discover elegance and high-level performance with KitchenAid, the renowned brand for quality kitchen appliances.

  • liebherr


    Discover excellence in food storage with Liebherr, the leading brand for quality appliances for your home.

  • Lofra


    Lofra, a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances for over 70 years, offers products from the best materials with innovative systems and ecology at competitive prices. From hobs to ovens and cooking blocks any kitchen idea becomes reality thanks to Lofra solutions

    With ov althy meals cooked with supreme efficiency and effectiveness year after year– guaranteed by certified warranties available on all models purchased at authorised dealerships worldwide today!

  • Mabe


    Discover the innovation and style of authentic American refrigerators with Mabe, the leading refrigeration brand.

  • miele


    Explore German excellence in home technology with Miele, the leading brand of high-quality home appliances.

  • Neff


    Discover innovation and premium design with Neff, the leading brand of appliances for your kitchen.

  • Neff Collection

    Neff Collection

    Discover elegance and high-level performance with the Neff Collection, the exclusive line of appliances for your kitchen.

  • Nevada


    Discover the elegance and functionality of Nevada wine cellars, perfect for lovers of good wine.

  • RGV

    RGV offers a wide range of food preparation appliances, including microwave ovens, food processors and deep fryers suitable for both professional and domestic needs. We offer innovative and environmentally friendly products at the best price on the market!

  • samsung


    Samsung offers quality home appliances, from the most innovative refrigerators to several environmentally sustainable washing machine models. From spoons to smart kitchen robots that will simplify your home life!

  • Siemens


    Siemens offers quality products and services that save time, energy and increase safety in the home. Combining technological innovation, practicality and design to make every home experience easier and more effective is our goal.

  • Siemens studio line

    Siemens studio line

    When the ordinary becomes extraordinary: StudioLine by Siemens

  • Signature Kitchen Suite

    Signature Kitchen Suite

    Discover excellence in culinary innovation with Signature Kitchen Suite, the premium brand for high-end kitchen appliances.

  • Smeg Arredamento

    Smeg Arredamento

    Explore Italian style and elegance with Smeg, the reference brand for high-quality furnishing appliances.

  • Smeg design

    Smeg design

    Discover iconic Italian design with Smeg, the reference brand for household appliances with an unmistakable style.

  • Smeg piccoli elettrodomestici

    Smeg piccoli elettrodomestici

    Explore style and functionality with elegant Smeg small appliances, perfect for your kitchen.

  • Smeg Premuim

    Smeg Premuim

    Explore elegance and high-level performance with Smeg Premium, the exclusive line of appliances for your kitchen.

  • Steel stile in cucina

    Steel stile in cucina

    Discover the elegance and artisanal precision of Steel kitchens, the Italian brand par excellence in high-quality kitchen design.

  • VZUG


    Discover Swiss innovation and uncompromising quality with V-Zug appliances, designed to make your daily life easier.

  • Whirlpool


    Discover the innovation and reliability of Whirlpool appliances, designed to simplify everyday life.