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Our refrigerators, freezers and combi fridges for the private home are characterised by modern design, technical performance and ease of use. Experience our passion for cooling and freezing. And be inspired Freezing in top energy efficiency classes. Premium quality freezing. Liebherr freezers offer maximum convenience at all times. Whether free-standing, built-in or horizontal freezer, we have the right product for every need and purpose. You can choose from a variety of sizes and features. Wine Cellars The perfect climate for your wines Wine, a culture for connoisseurs. A family party, a visit from dear friends, or a quiet evening - these are all perfect situations for uncorking a good bottle of wine. To allow a lovingly stored and perfectly aged wine to develop its full potential, it must be treated with care. Only if stored under optimal conditions and at the right temperature can it be enjoyed at its best. Our wine cellars meet the highest demands for perfect tasting. Combined refrigerators The best performance at every level. Perfect combinations for your kitchen. The kitchen is the centre of our everyday life. This is where we cook, eat, talk, love and live. A kitchen must fit a person, like the proverbial lid to the pot. Therefore, good design is essential. Of course, food storage also plays an important role when designing the kitchen. Liebherr's Freshness Centres offer numerous options to meet individual storage and freshness needs. Built-in appliances Perfect comfort without compromise. They simply leave no alternative: built-in appliances for maximum comfort without compromise. Can't decide between a combi, fridge, freezer and wine cellar? It is undoubtedly a difficult decision. After all, who would want to do without the many advantages such as BioFresh for long-lasting freshness, wines at the ideal tasting temperature, a spacious refrigerator compartment and the convenience of no more defrosting a NoFrost freezer? For those looking for the appliance that combines all these advantages, we have the perfect solution. Discover a world of freshness with BioFresh products.BioFresh - Discover a world of freshness. Fresh, healthy food naturally provides our bodies with what they need to stay efficient and fit. With the patented BioFresh technology, foods rich in vitamins and minerals are stored at the right temperature and ideal humidity. Because only in this way do fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products stay fresh for much longer than in conventional refrigerators. You can tell this not only by the appearance, but also by the taste. Comfort and safety. With Liebherr's SmartDevice solution, you have everything under control. Everything you need to customise your refrigerator to suit your needs.The right accessory for your Liebherr. In addition to extensive standard equipment, our refrigerators and freezers can be combined with accessories to best suit your needs. Whether washing and care detergents, ice cube trays, freezer trays, bottle holders, or SmartDeviceBox: our accessories make your refrigerators and freezers even more user-friendly. Find the right accessory that will make you even more satisfied with your Liebherr.

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