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Gaggenau DVP221100

Sous-Vide drawer Series 200

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Sous-Vide drawer Series 200

DVP 221

-- Can be integrated in standard niche of

60 cm in combination with 45 cm compact

45 cm compact oven.

-- Steel suction chamber

hygienic, usable height up to

80 mm.

-- Automatic recognition for

external suction.

-- Flush installation.

-- Without handle.

-- Push-to-open system.


Suction for sous-vide cooking.

Marinating and flavouring food


Facilitated food preservation.

Vacuum can also be achieved with

external containers.

Vacuum for bottled liquids (e.g.



Touch controls.


3 levels of vacuum inside the

vacuum body: 80%, 95% and 99%.

3 vacuum levels outside the suction

suction body: 50%, 75% and 90%.

Net volume 7 litres.

Max. load capacity 10 kg.

Max. bag dimensions:

(W x H) 240 x 350 mm.

3 levels of bag sealing.

Removable sealing bar.

Glass cover, opens

automatically when suction


Raised suction surface, 44


Useful space in the suction chamber

suction chamber 210 mm x 275 mm.

Equipped with membrane to prevent

reflux of liquids during external suction


Drying programme for the

suction pump.

Suction error warning.

Mounting precautions

Provide a minimum space of 5 mm

between the appliance and neighbouring niches.

The surface of the drawer extends

21 mm from the cabinet.

Possible installation of BS/BM/

CM above DV in a 59 cm niche

without intermediate shelf.

Can be installed below the worktop or in

a single niche.

The socket can be provided behind

the luminaire.

Connection values

Total consumption 0.32 kW.

Connection cable length 1.5 m

with Schuko plug.

Accessories included

1 pack of vacuum bags,

small (50 pieces)

1 Pack of vacuum bags

large (50 pieces)

1 Raising stand

1 Adapter for vacuum outside the

chamber of the appliance

1 Vacuum tube

1 Bottle adapter

3 Bottle stoppers