75 cm stainless steel gas hob


The built-in gas cooker hob with FlameSelect: perfect results thanks to 9 power levels

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FlameSelect: for precise flame control with 9 predefined power levels.

Jumper knobs: for ergonomic control.
Elegant stainless steel surface.
Technical data
Main features
Stainless steel
Control System
FlameSelect: precise flame control with 9 power levels
Gas Protec (Thermosafety and Caretaker "The Protec Button")
Jumper knob
1-hand ignition
Cast iron support grills
Other features
5 fires
with Dual function
1 quick fire, 2 standard fires, 1 small fire, 1 Dual Wok
- Rear right: fast fire 3 kW
- Left: 5 kW FastWok fire with Dual function
- Rear central: semi-arid fire 1.75 kW
- Central front: auxiliary fire 1 kW
- Front right: semirapid fire 1.75 kW
Energy label
Ready for methane gas (20 mb)
Guardian "The protector button"
Connection cable length: 1 m
Nozzles for liquid gas included (28-30/37mb)
Technical data
Type of product construction: Recessed
Type of control: Mechanical
Type of control and signalling devices: jumper knob
Operation: Gas
Total number of positions that can be used simultaneously: 5
Number of gas burners: 5
Number of electric cooking points
Number of electric plates
Number of radiant plates
Number of halogen plates
Number of induction plates
Number of electric food heaters
Type of gas: Nat gas H/E/(L) 20 (25) mbar
Type of alternative gas: Liquid gas G30,31 28-30/37mbar
Main surface material: stainless steel
Main color: stainless steel
Frame color: stainless steel
Nominal gas connection data: 12500 W
Current: 3 A
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50; 60 Hz
Type approval certificates: EC, Eurasian
Power cord length: 100 cm
Plug type: without plug
Gas connection: rear, right
Product width: 750 mm
Product height: 45 mm
Product depth: 520 mm
Packed product height: 145 mm
Packed product width: 793 mm
Packed product depth: 597 mm
Minimum niche height: 480 mm
Maximum niche height: 492 mm
Minimum niche width: 560 mm
Maximum niche width: 562 mm
Niche depth: 45 mm
Net weight: 16,335 kg
Gross weight: 17.8 kg
Efficiency 2nd heating element (%) - Burner: 58.0 %.
Efficiency 4th heating element (%) - Burner: 61.0 %.
Efficiency 5° heating element (%) - Burner: 60.0 %
Efficiency 7° heating element (%) - Burner: 61.0 %
Automatic programs: No
Heating element location: front left
Location of the 2nd heating element: Cooking zone left cent.
Type 2 heating element: gas
Location of the 3rd heating element: rear left
Location of the 4th heating element: rear central heating element
Type 4° heating element: gas
Location of the 5th heating element: Rear right cooking zone
Type 5° heating element: gas
Location of the 6th heating element: Cooking zone cent. right
Location of the 7th heating element: Front right cooking zone
Type 7 heating element: gas
Location of the 8th heating element: front central heating element
Type 8th heating element: gas
Location of the 9th heating element: Front/central cooking zone
Power on indicator: No
Type of lid: None
Type of reduction grid: Long cast iron grid
Type of gas safety device: Electromagnetic thermocouple on each burner
Ignition system: Yes
Residual heat indicator: None
Main switch on/off: No
Electronic Timer: No
Possibility of combining cooking zones / cooking areas: No