Liebherr WKEes553 wine cellar Luxury and Practicality 45 cm

Liebherr WKEes553

The Liebherr WKEes553 wine cellar is an elegant product, with built-in installation. It has tempered shelves to store wines well and has a higher energy class which guarantees savings on annual energy costs. A perfect appliance suitable for any living context!

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The Liebherr WKEes553 is a built-in air-conditioned wine cellar for 18 bottles of wine. It is equipped with a low-vibration compressor, which guarantees optimal preservation of the wines. The temperature can be adjusted from 5 to 20 °C, so you can store different types of wine in optimal conditions. Internal humidity is maintained at 50-75%, an ideal value to prevent the corks from drying out.

The wine cellar is equipped with a thermoelectric cooling system, which ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the compartment. The ventilation system is silent and does not disturb the maturation of the wine.

The Liebherr WKEes553 is made of stainless steel, a resistant and easy to clean material. The design is elegant and modern, perfect for any kitchen.

The main features of the Liebherr WKEes553 are:

Capacity: 18 bottles

Low vibration compressor

Adjustable temperature from 5 to 20 °C

Internal humidity 50-75%

Thermoelectric cooling system

Silent ventilation system

Material: stainless steel

Elegant and modern design

The Liebherr WKEes553 is a high-quality air-conditioned wine cellar, ideal for storing wines in optimal conditions. It is equipped with all the features necessary for perfect storage, including a low-vibration compressor, a thermoelectric cooling system and controlled internal humidity. The design is elegant and modern, perfect for any kitchen.

Built-in air-conditioned wine cellar

GTIN 9005382279595

Performance and consumption

Voltage 220-240V ~

Frequency 50 Hz

Maximum power absorbed 0.5 A

Energy efficiency class G

Energy consumption in 24 hours 0.378 kWh / 24h

Energy consumption per year 138 kWh/a

Climate class SN

Noise level 32 dB

Airborne noise emission class B

Dimensions and weight

Niche height 45 cm

Size 45.5 / 59.1 / 52.2 cm

Height/width/depth (with packaging) 510.0 / 622.0 / 610.0 mm

Niche dimensions height/width/depth 45 / 56 / 55.0 cm

Weight (without packaging) 31 kg

Weight (with packaging) 33 kg

Control and functions

Touch control type

Cellar compartment temperature display

Anomaly: optical and acoustic alarm signal

Door open: Acoustic wine air-conditioned compartment alarm signal

Child safety ✔

The network solution * —

Cellar compartment

Recirculating air cooling ✔

Maximum number of 0.75 l Bordeaux bottles ** 18

LED lighting lighting

adjustable ✔

continuously connectable ✔

Number of support grids 3

of which extractable on telescopic guides 2

of which wooden folding shelves 0

Shelf material, air-conditioned wine compartment, removable wooden shelf

Activated carbon filter ✔

Volcanic lava for internal humidification —

Assembly and installation

Door assembly Flush integration

Reversible door hinge on the right

Height-adjustable positioning feet 0


Total volume *** 51 l

Refrigerator compartment volume 51 l

*SmartDevice functionality subject to availability** Please note: Quantity data refers to standardized 0.75 liter wine bottles. If bottles of different shapes or sizes are stored, the number may vary.

Note: Despite careful updating of the data, we reserve the right to apply technical changes, error corrections as well as deviations from the contents of texts and images compared to the original equipment.

Liebherr WKEes553

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