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Induction hob 90 cm Stainless steel side profiles

bosch pxv975dc1e

Bosch PXV975DC1E is a high quality induction hob that offers a range of advanced functions for easy and precise cooking. It is an ideal choice for those looking for an elegant and performing stove.

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General information 

  • Direct Select Premium touch
  • MoveMode at three levels
  • PerfectFry sensor with 5 selectable temperatures
  • 1 triple circuit area
  • Electronic adjustment at 17 levels
  • Turbo function for each cooking area
  • 5 cooking areas with automatic recognition of the pot
  • Cooking timer for every single area
  • Pentol recognition
    Energy Tutor" function to limit electrical absorption from 1 kW
    Safety switch
    Children's safety
    Lock temporary functions for easy cleaning
  • QuickStart function: allows quick selection of cooking power
  • ReStart function: reset cooking settings in case of accidental shutdown
  • Cooking areas: 1 x Ø 400 mmx230 mm, 3.3 kW (max. Power levels 3.7 kW) Induction or 2 x Ø 230 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Powerlevels 3.7 kW) Induction; 1 x Ø 210 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Power levels 3.7 kW) Induction;1 x Ø 400 mmx230 mm, 3.3 kW (max. Powerstufe 3.7 kW) Induktion oder 2 x Ø 200 mm, 2.2 kW (max. Powerstufe 3.7 kW) Induktion
  • PanBoost: booster function for pans
  • Suitable for all glass-ceramic floors from 30, 60, 70, 80 cm
  • TurboPower function for area with diameter 32 cm
  • Cooking area with special PowerBoost at 5.5kW
  • Max. absorbed power: 11,1 kW


  • Digital residual heat indicator
    DirectSelect Premium: direct and simple selection of the desired cooking area
    PerfectFry: a perfect cooking thanks to the 5-level sensor
    FlexInduction zone: Great flexibility by combining the cooking areas in a large single area that can contain large pans and rosteria.
    Triple ring: expandable area suitable for every need
    Comfort profile: Elegant design with metal side profiles.
    Timer timers to switch off the cooking zones independently at the end of the set time
    Induction: fast and precise cooking, easy to clean by limiting energy consumption.
    PowerBoost: Up to 50% more power for maximum performance Technical data
    Product line Cooking
    Brand Bosch
    Name/family product glass ceramic cooking area
    Product name / commercial code PXV975DC1E
    Finished product code PXV975DC1E
    EAN Code 4242002849300
    Constructive type of product
    Electronic control type
    Type of controls and forward indicators, Direct Select 2.0
    Power supply
    Energy consumption of hob 173,3 Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency of hob %
    Total number of positions available simultaneously 5
    Number of gas burners
    Number of electric cooking areas 5
    Number of electric plates 0
    Number of radiant cooking areas 0
    Number of halogen cooking areas 0
    Number of induction cooking areas 5
    Number of heating zones 0
    Location of the dashboard
    Possibility of external control
    Type of gas
    Alternative gas type
    Main surface material Vetroceramica
    Color black
    Aluminum surface color, Black
    Frame type
    Color of aluminium frame
    Other colours available
    Electrical connection data (W) 11100 W
    Nominal gas connection data (W) W
    Current (A) A
    Voltage (V) 220-240 V
    Frequency (Hz) 60; 50 Hz
    Certificates of approval AENOR, CE
    Electric power cord length (cm) 110 cm
    Type of plug without plug
    Gas connection
    Product height (mm) 51 mm
    Product width (mm) 916 mm
    Product depth (mm) 527 mm
    Product height packed (mm) 126 mm
    Packed product width (mm) 603 mm
    Product depth packed (mm) 1074 mm
    Minimum niche height (mm) 51 mm
    Maximum niche height (mm) 51 mm
    Minimum niche width (mm) 880 mm
    Maximum niche width (mm) 880 mm
    Niche depth (mm) 490 mm
    Net weight (kg) 22.0 kg
    Gross weight (kg) 24,0 kg
    Automatic program yes
    Location 1st left front cooking area
    Type of heating element
    Size of the cooking area mm
    Power cooking area kW
    Energy consumption cooking area Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency cooking area %
    Location 2° cooking zone cent. left
    Size 2 cooking area 400 x 230 mm
    2nd cooking area 3.3 kW
    Energy consumption 2nd cooking area 175,0 Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 2nd cooking area %
    Location 3rd left rear cooking area
    Type 3rd cooking area
    Dimensions 3rd cooking area mm
    Power 3rd firing zone kW
    Energy consumption 3rd cooking area Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 3rd cooking area %
    Location 4th central rear cooking area
    Type 4th cooking area
    Size 4th cooking area mm
    Power 4th cooking area kW
    Energy consumption 4th cooking area Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 4th cooking area %
    Location 5° cooking area Post cooking area. right
    Type 5th cooking area
    Size 5° cooking area mm
    Power 5° kW cooking zone
    Energy consumption 5th cooking area Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 5th cooking area %
    Location 6th cooking area 100. right
    Type 6th cooking area induction
    Size 6th cooking area 400 x 230 mm
    6th firing zone 3.3 kW
    Energy consumption 6th cooking area 175,0 Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 6th cooking area %
    Position of the 7th heating element Cooking area right
    Type of 7th heating element
    Dimension of 7th heating element (mm) mm
    Power of 7th heating element (kW) kW
    Energy consumption 7th cooking zone Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 7th cooking area %
    Position of the 8th central front heating element
    Type of 8th heating element
    Dimension of 8th heating element (mm) mm
    Power of 8th heating element (kW) kW
    Energy consumption 8° cooking area Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 8° cooking area %
    Position of the 9th heating element
    Type of 9th heating element induction
    Dimension of 9th heating element (mm) 210; 320; 260 mm
    Power of 9th heating element (kW) 2.2; 2.6; 3.3 kW
    Energy consumption 9° cooking area 170,0 Wh/kg
    Energy efficiency 9° cooking area %
    Energy consumption of left cooking area 175,0 Wh/kg
    Energy consumption of central cooking area Wh/kg
    Energy consumption of right cooking area 175,0 Wh/kg
    Power indication no
    Plate ignition indicator
    Continuous energy regulation type
    Adjustment type None
    Type of lid (if present)
    Type of grid
    Type of gas safety device no
    Residual Heat Indicator
    Main switch on/off yes
    Key Lock safety device, time limitation, Power management function, pot detector, child safety
    Timer Yes
    Dishwasher washable cast iron grills no
    Accessories included
    Optional accessories HEZ390011, HEZ390012, HEZ390042, HEZ390090, HEZ390210, HEZ390511, HEZ390512, HEZ390522
    Product image description MCSA01010045_632433_PXV975DC1E_def.jpg
    Highlights 17 power levels, DirectSelect Premium , FlexInduction , FryingSensor Plus , Keep warm function , PerfectFry , PowerBoost
    Series | 8
    Home Connect
    Home Connect no
    Other data
    Installation type Recessed
    Product matching versions in other countries
    Type of commands
    Cut depth 51.0 mm
    Installation compartment dimensions (AxLxP) (mm) 51 x 880-880 x 490-500 mm
    Product size (mm) 51 x 916 x 527 mm
    Packaging volume (dm3) 81.570
    Width 90
    Test programme Technical assistance
    Special function
    Induction cooking areas yes
    Color of controls
    Alternative gas type
    Turbo function for each All cooking area
    Languages manual Danish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, German
    Type of left cooking area
    Type of front cooking area left Vector zone
    Type of rear cooking area left Vector zone
    Type of front/central cooking area
    Type of central rear cooking zone three circuit zone
    Type of left cental cooking area
    Type of right cental cooking area
    Type of right cooking area
    Type of front right cooking area
    Type of rear cooking area right Vector zone
    Product variants
    EAN Code!2E20AC-iejdaa!
    Connection cable type, 3-phase, monophase, neutral conductor
    3-phase electric connection type, single phase, Neutral conductor
    Cooking sensors
    Sensor control for oval zone, rear cooking area centr.
    Number of cooking powers 17 internships 1,1.,2..9
    Cooking Floor Decoration Without Decoration
    Warming function yes
    Additional description
    Size of the left cooking area 920 cm2
    Size of the right cooking area 920 cm2
    Accessories for mounting
    Accessories needed for installation
    Statistical Office 85166050
    Country of origin ES
    Country of origin 2
    Product code
    Manufacturer BSH FMH, Montañana
    Productdivision PCG
    #translation missing # N
    Standard number of pallet units 10
    Lengt pallet 120 cm
    Width pallet 80 cm
    Height pallet cm
    Layers for pallets
    Units for layers
    Mastercases per layer 1
    Width master houses cm
    Length master case
    Height master case 12,60 cm
    Power consumption mode off 0.2 W
    Power consumption standby/display mode on W
    Power consumption standby mode/display off 0.2 W
    Power consumption standby/network: For disabling the WiFi module, please consult the product user manual. W
    en: Time auto-off min
    Duration auto-standby/display on min
    Duration auto-standby/display off min
    Duration auto-standby/net min
bosch pxv975dc1e

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bosch pxv975dc1e replaces PIZ975N17E Induction hob 90 cm

Induction hob 90 cm Stainless steel side profiles