NEFF FlexInduction TwistPad: Fast induction cooking 90 cm wire top

neff T69PTX4L0

The induction hob 90 cm wire top with TwistPad Neff is the ideal choice to cook quickly and easily. The FlexInduction glass-ceramic surface allows precise temperature control while ensuring excellent results!

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FlexInduction plan, 90 cm

Thanks to the intuitive operation logic, you can control all cooking areas and adjust the temperature with the only Twistpad knob. As soon as you remove the magnetic knob, all functions are disconnected: excellent safety for children. Touching the TwistPad®, it tilts slightly towards the desired cooking area by activating it. Turning the TwistPad®, it proceeds quickly to the precise adjustment of the cooking area, raising or lowering the temperature. Even with regard to cleaning, TwistPad® expresses maximum benefits. With a simple movement it can be removed from the stove to leave the surface smooth, free to be cleaned.
Induction heating is based on the creation of a magnetic field that produces magnetic currents, i.e. heat, directly in the bottom of the pan, heating only the cooktop remains cold.
neff T69PTX4L0

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NEFF FlexInduction TwistPad: Fast induction cooking 90 cm wire top