Gaggenau RW222262

Wine cellar 200 series 2 independent climate zones

Tax included

Wine cellar 200 series 2 independent climate zones

- Electronic temperature

temperature from +5 °C to +20 °C,

- Humidity regulation.

- Removable bottle holders; made of beech

beech and aluminium.

- Lighting options

- Reduced vibrations

- Standard bottle capacity: 48.


Electronic temperature control

with digital display.

Touch controls.

Presentation light for each zone,


Automatic soft light on closing

and opening.

Technical features

Dynamic cooling.

Automatic defrosting.

Cushioned closing system

integrated in the door hinge.

Activated charcoal air filter for both


UV protection.

Acoustic and visual signal in case

of open door or anomaly.

Child safety.


Maximum capacity: 48 bottles

(standard 0.75 l bottles).

6 bottle holders of which 4


Possibility of storing bottles

Magnum bottles.

LED interior lighting (3000 K).

Capacity 158 litres.

Consumption values

Energy efficiency class G

(On a scale of energy efficiency classes

energy efficiency classes A to G).

Energy consumption 167 kWh/year.

Noise level 32 dB (A) re 1 pW.

Mounting precautions

Flat hinges.

Right-hand hinge, reversible.

Door opening angle of 115°,

90° locking possibility

(dedicated accessory supplied).

Max. door panel weight 20 kg.

Panel thickness min. 16 mm/

max. 22 mm.

The electrical socket must be provided

outside the cabinet recess.

If side-by-side installation

each appliance must be placed

in its own niche.

In the case of a combination with an

appliance, other than a second

wine cellar, it is necessary to maintain

a minimum distance of 150 mm between the

appliances, in order to avoid the formation

of condensation.

Without an anti-condensation element a

minimum distance of 150 mm must

be maintained between the appliances

Do not transport/operate above 1,500

m above sea level.

Connection values

Total power consumption 0.13 kW.

Connection cable 2.8 m with plug

Schuko plug.