Gaggenau AF210162

Wall-mounted suction unit with pull-out baffle Series 200

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Wall-mounted suction unit with pull-out baffle Series 200

AF 210

- Integrated glass panel.

- Extremely quiet thanks to

integrated insulation.

- Extendable glass screen

through a touch on the bar


- Machined stainless steel body


- High degree of air extraction.

- Low-noise, energy-saving motor.


- Suction power regulated

automatically via air quality control

air quality control sensor.

- The lowerable frame allows the

hood to disappear completely

in the wall unit.

- Extraction or recirculation system


- Can be combined with

recirculation with active carbon filter:

for highly efficient and quiet air recirculation

efficient and silent air recirculation.


Performance and noise: 3 levels

of power + intensive: max. power

suction power according to EN 61591.

Sound power according to EN 60704-3.

Sound pressure according to

EN 60704-2-13. Odour reduction in

recirculation mode according to EN 61591.

Appliance width 90 cm

Air extraction:

517 / 965 m³/h.

57 / 71 dB (A) re 1 pW.

Air recirculation:

506 / 876 m³/h.

62 / 69 dB (A) re 1 pW.

Appliance width 60 cm

Air extraction:

515 / 953 m³/h.

57 / 71 dB (A) re 1 pW.

Air recirculation:

497 / 885 m³/h.

62 / 69 dB (A) re 1 pW.

91 % odour reduction in

recirculation operation.


Front controls.

Three electronically controlled power levels

electronically controlled and operation mode

intensive mode.

Automatic operation option

and post-cooking function with air quality

air quality control sensor.

Filter saturation indication.

Steel grease filter, dishwasher-safe.


Adjustable white LED light for

optimal illumination of the worktop.


Light colour 3500 k.

Light output 3 x 3 W/2 x 3 W.

Illumination 708 lx.

Illumination can be switched on separately.

Motor technology

electromagnetic brushless

BLDC for optimum efficiency.

Integrated insulation for

low-noise operation.

The fan is activated when the

suction screen is extended.

Suction screen extension

up to 198 mm.

Optimised internal air flow for optimum

optimal air circulation and cleaning.

Easy installation.

Packaging includes a non-return valve.

non-return valve.

Consumption values

Energy efficiency class: A

on a scale of energy efficiency classes

energy efficiency classes from A++ to D.

Suction efficiency class: A.

Lighting efficiency class: A.

Filter efficiency class: B.

Sound level min. 41 db / max. 57 db

at normal suction level.

Mounting Precautions

Air recirculation module with

activated carbon filter. Can be installed

in the upper part of the wall unit.

The activated charcoal filter can be

changed from the front by pulling out the

filter drawer.

The wall unit door must be opened

completely open when changing the


The depth of the wall unit cavity

added to the depth of the frame

lowered frame is 355 mm.

The cavity height of the

upper part of the wall unit recess

added to the lowered frame is

600 mm.

Min. distance from the gas hobs

below: 65 cm; if the absorption

of the hob is greater than 12 kW min.

70 cm.

Min. distance from electric hobs

below: 43 cm.

If installed in extraction mode

provide a safety switch

in case of an open flame device with

open flame with a ventilated chimney (e.g.


Connection values

Total consumption 266 / 264 W.

Connection cable 1.8 m with plug