Banking Ix 60cm 700m3/h

Baraldi Cappa da Parete Bankia in Stainless Steel 60cm Satinated and Motor 700m3/h

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A fully efficient steel hood that, thanks to the wide tilted suction plane, ensures complete extraction of fumes and vapors. It is equipped with a bright lighting and intuitive controls that make it a product suitable for quality kitchens. Comfortable and simple cleaning and maintenance of the product.


  • Material:
    • Structure and Fireplace in Stainless Steel
  • Commands: Push Button
  • Functions:
    • 3 Speed'
  • Light: 2 20W Halogen spotlights
  • Suction: Extended on the Lower Plan
  • Motor capacity: 700m3/h
  • Maximum pressure: 500Pa
  • Maximum roughness: 54dB
  • Power: 200W
  • Diameter Output Hole: 150mm with Non-Return Valve
  • Version: Vacuum/Filtering
  • Anti-fat filter: Aluminum Multilayer Washable
  • Antiodori filter: Single to Active Carbons
  • Accessories Included:
    • Anti-fat filters in Aluminium

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Banking Ix 60cm 700m3/h