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Smeg KPF12X coloured chimney hood

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Wall-mounted decorative cooker hThe Smeg Portofino Decorative Wall Hood gives you the perfect combination of style and functionality. With its sleek stainless steel construction, this 120cm model is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. The unit also includes lighting for added convenience when cooking or preparing meals in your kitchen. Additionally, powerful extraction up to 625m³/h ensures that all odours are removed from the area quickly and efficiently, without disrupting your home environment. This hood is designed with a perimeter aspiration system which captures fat deposits on surfaces ensuring maximum cleanliness and hygiene at all times with minimal effort! What's more it has two removable grease filters which can easily be cleaned in order to maintain optimum efficiency throughout its lifetime – no need for costly replacements! Finally, there are three speeds as well as intensive speed selection options so you're never stuck using one setting every time - just pick which option best fits your requirements each day. Enjoying professional results right at home has never been easier; get the Smeg Portofino Decorative Wall Hood today!

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TYPE OF HOODFamily: Hood - Type: Wall-mounted decorative - Width: 120 cm - Filtering: Expulsion
Colour: Turquoise,stainless steel,black,red,white - Aesthetics: Portofino - Design: Trapezoid - Material: Inox + Painted material - Type Inox: Satin finish
CONTROLS CONTROLS: Knobs - Knobs: Portofino - Number of knobs: 2 - Colour of knobs: Stainless effectPROGRAMS / FUNCTIONSIn° speed: 3 - Intensive speed: YesCARACTERISTICSEN° of lights: 4 - Type of light: LED - Light power: 4 W - Light colour temperature (°K): 4000 °K - Maximum suction capacity in free mode (P0): 815 m³/h - Motor power: 275 W - No. of filters: 4 - Grease filters: Stainless steel - Minimum installation distance from gas hob: 650 mm - Motor inlet diameter: 150 mm - Minimum installation distance from electric hob: 650 mm - Check valve: Yes
Smeg S.p.A - Via Leonardo da Vinci, 4 42016 Guastalla (RE) ItalyPRESERVATIONS / ENERGETIC LABELFluid dynamic efficiency class (FDEC): A - Grease filter efficiency class (GFEC): D - Lighting efficiency class (LEC): A - Annual consumption efficiency (AEC): 42 kWh/a -Fluid dynamic efficiency (FDE): 36 3 - Lighting efficiency (LE): 74.8 lux/W - Grease filtration efficiency (GFE): 74. 9 % - Air flow rate at minimum speed (Qmin): 287 m³/h - Air flow rate at maximum speed (Qmax): 606 m³/h - Air flow rate at intensive speed (Qboost): 777 m³/h - Weighted sound power emission at minimum speed (SPEmin): 49 dB(A) - Weighted sound power emission at maximum speed (SPEmax): 67 dB(A) - Weighted sound power emission at intensive speed (SPEboost): 73 dB(A) - Time increase factor (F): 0. 7 - Energy efficiency index: 41. 4 - Air flow rate measured in the maximum efficiency condition (Qbep): 400 m³/h - Air pressure measured in the maximum efficiency condition (Pbep): 490 Pa - Electrical power consumption in the maximum efficiency condition (Wbep): 150 W - Nominal lighting system power (WL): 4 W - Average illumination of the lighting system on the hob (Emiddle): 329 lux - Sound level in the highest configuration (Lwa): 67 dB(A)ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONNominal electrical connection data: 279 W - Voltage: 220-240 V - Frequency: 50-60 Hz SPEED 1Suction capacity (IEC 61591): 287 m³/h - Noise level (IEC 60704-2-13): 49 dB(A) - Power: 176 WVELOCITY 2Capacity of suction (IEC 61591): 389 m³/h - Noise level (IEC 60704-2-13): 58 dB(A) - Power: 230 WVELOCITY 3Capacity of suction (IEC 61591): 606 m³/h - Noise level (IEC 60704-2-13): 67 dB(A) - Power: 260 WVELOCITY INTENSIVECapacity of suction (IEC 61591): 777 m³/h - Noise level (IEC 60704-2-13): 73 dB(A) - Power: 286 WIN LOGISTICS INFORMATIONProduct dimensions (mm): 1227x1196x495 - Width: 1196 mm - Product depth (mm): 495 mm - Product height (mm): 1227 mmOPTIONALFLT6: Accessories, typology: Charcoal filter, HoodsKITALLFC: Accessories, typology: Charcoal filter, Hoods