Gaggenau AL400122

Telescopic table ventilation 400 Series

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Telescopic table ventilation 400 Series

AL 400

-- Telescopic suction centre

flatbed, fully retractable

when not in use.

-- Perfect combination with all

Perfect combination with all luminaires of the Vario 400 series.

-- Warm, adjustable LED light, ideal

ideal for illuminating the entire hob.


-- Precise steel workmanship with

3 mm thick.

-- Possible countertop installation

or flush-mounted.

-- Without motor, can be combined with Gaggenau

Gaggenau BLDC motors.


Power and noise levels

dependent on the chosen Gaggenau motor

and the piping scheme designed.


Three electronically controlled power levels

and intensive operating mode.

Intermittent suction, 6 min.

Post-cooking operation, 6 min.

Filter saturation indication

grease filter saturation indication.

2 large metal grease filters, easy to

easy to remove and dishwasher-safe.

Grease collection trays, easy to

easy to remove and dishwasher-safe.

Warm white LED light

(3600 k), adjustable.

Lighting power: 2 x 10 W.

Illumination: 400 lx.

Flexible installation of the motor unit

remote: front, rear or


In all installation options the

provided the necessary space for

possible front drawers inside the


Consumption values

AL 400 192: The consumption figures are

referred to a configuration with the

remote motor unit AR 400 142.

Energy efficiency class A on a

scale of energy efficiency classes

from A++ to D.

Energy consumption 45.5 kWh/year.

Ventilation efficiency class A.

Lighting efficiency class C.

Grease filter efficiency class B.

Sound level min. 45 dB / max. 61 dB

at normal suction level.

In Europe, the AL 400 122 model can

be configured for operation

only in recirculation mode. In this

case, the communication of consumption

consumption values is not mandatory.

Installation precautions

For recirculation operation

extraction refer to the different

motors available.

AL 400 192: Can be combined with all

Vario cooktops Series 400, cooktops Series 400 and

200 Series. Maximum width of

tops: 90 cm.

AL 400 122: Can be combined with all

Vario worktops 400 Series and 400 Series.

Max. deck width: 120 cm

To ensure efficient capture of

fumes and odours, it is recommended to install

an AL 400 122 with 2 motors.

Because of restrictions due to

European regulation EU 66/2014

on the subject of ambient extraction

it is mandatory to install the

AL 400 122 only in recirculation mode.

Do not install an electric grill in

case of hood operation in

recirculation mode.

Depending on the type of installation

the corresponding accessories must

be ordered separately.Can be combined with hobs with a maximum power

of 18 kW.

The telescopic suction centre must

have a dedicated cut-out and

separate from the hob.

The capacity and stability, particularly

in the case of thin worktops, must

be supported by appropriate


Take into account the weight

of the appliance and additional loads.

Between extraction centre and hob

a distance must be ensured on the

top of at least 50 mm. This space

must be supported by a structure

reinforcement structure (see dedicated accessories

code AA 409 401/431).

Additional instructions for flush installation


Installation is possible in floors made of

stone, synthetic or solid wood.

The thermal resistance

thermal resistance and watertightness of the edges

of the notch. Regarding other

materials, please consult the

manufacturer of the worktop.

It is possible to place ovens within

of the same cabinet where the

also the suction centre, depending

depending on the type of installation


If installed in extraction mode

provide a safety switch

in case of an open-flame device with

open flame with a ventilated chimney (e.g.


Ensure the accessibility of the

control module and secure it

anchoring it to a cabinet panel.

Connection values

Total consumption 65 W / 65 W.

Connection cable 1.7 m with plug.

Data cable length 1.2 m.