Gaggenau AL200180

Telescopic suction centre GlassDraft 200 Series

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Telescopic suction centre GlassDraft 200 Series

AL 200

- Telescopic table ventilation

flatbed, fully retractable

when not in use.

- Perfectly combinable with frameless

frameless induction hobs from

80 cm wide for

flush-mount installation.

- Transparent glass panel for

discreet integration

into the kitchen environment.

- Elegant illuminated panel profiles.

- The revolutionary Guided

Air ensures high smoke and vapour capture

and vapours over the entire surface of the

hob surface.


Performance and noise: 3 levels

of power + intensive, power

max. suction power according to EN 61591.

Sound power according to EN 60704-3.

Sound pressure according to EN


Odour reduction in recirculation mode

according to EN 61591.

Air extraction:

501 / 775 m³/h.

62 / 70 dB (A) re 1 pW.

Air recirculation:

447 / 562 m³/h.

65 / 70 dB(A) re 1 pW.


Illuminated glass panel profiles

with elegant white light (it is possible

(additional light colours can be set

via the Home Connect app).

Suction with integrated control from

top (with compatible model).

Automatic operation option

and post-cooking function with air quality

air quality control.

3 electronically controlled power levels

and intensive operation mode.

Grease filter saturation indicator.

Carbon filter saturation indicator.

activated charcoal filter saturation indicator.

2 large metal grease filters, easy to remove, dishwasher

easy to remove, dishwasher-safe.

Grease filter collection capacity

170 ml.

Guided Air technology: thanks to an

innovative air flow from

from the back of the glass panel, fumes

and vapours generated at any point

on the cooking surface are

efficiently channelled into the cavity

suction cavity for total capture.

Additional collection capacity of 600 ml

in the motor unit.

Activated charcoal filters easily

removable from above.

Aluminium panel frame

anodised in Gaggenau Black finish.

Motor operation technology

electromagnetic brushless BLDC

for optimum efficiency.

Flexible installation of motors in the

front (for compact wall-mounted

wall), rear (for solutions

without loss of drawer depth)

or at a distance from the appliance (max. 3 m).

Home Connect

Integrated digital services (Home Connect)

with the wireless home network via WiFi.

The operation of Home

Connect mode depends on the availability of the

Home Connect service in each country.

For more information visit

Consumption values

Energy efficiency class A

(on a scale of energy efficiency classes

energy efficiency classes from A++ to D)

Energy consumption 36.9 kWh/year

Ventilation efficiency class: A

Lighting efficiency class: -.

Filter efficiency class: B.

Sound level min. 39 db / max. 62 db

at normal suction level.

Mounting precautions

Combinable with frameless

frameless induction hobs 400 Series

(CX 482) or 200 Series (CI 282 / CI

283), in a single cut-out

(requires kit VA 200 080).

Combinable with induction hobs

induction hobs with frame:

400 Series (CX 482, VI 482) or

200 Series (CI 282 / CI 283),

in 2 separate holes with installation in

installation (requires kit AA 200 900).

Cannot be combined with gas hobs or hobs

special Vario Grill and Teppan Yaki hobs.

For installation in a single hole

the installation accessory

must be positioned between the

appliances. This includes an element

connection element and a support for the

worktop to ensure the stability of the

stability of the cabinet.

The hood can be installed in

a cabinet or between two cabinets (e.g. for

island installation on worktops deeper

more than 100 cm deep).

Cabinet depth 90 cm, 100 cm or

120 cm.

Do not install wall units above the cooker hood

hood to ensure optimal performance

optimal performance.

The following distances must be

adhered to:

- 65 cm from the cooker hood to open shelves/

open shelves.

- 50 cm from high walls or furniture to the left and

to the right of the hood.

- 5 cm from the wall to the frame

of the hood.

- 2 cm from the air capture area

Guided Air to the inside wall of the


Installation is possible in countertops made of

stone, synthetic or solid wood.

The thermal resistance

thermal resistance and watertightness of the edges

of the carving. Regarding other

materials, please consult the

manufacturer of the worktop.

Worktop thickness for

flush installation in single hole

recess: min. 16 mm - max. 45 mm.

The load-bearing capacity and stability, in particular

in the case of thin worktops, must

be supported by appropriate

substructures. Take into

consideration of the weight of the appliance

and additional loads.

In the case of positioning the

motor unit at a distance, an installation kit is required

installation kit (with components for

air outlets).

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the compartment

engine compartment is always accessible.

Maximum distance of the motor from the

of the hood 3 m (always provide installation kit

installation kit AA 200 910).

The powerful motor is able to

guarantee optimum performance with a

ducting up to 8 metres and 3 bends

from 90°.

In air extraction mode a

be installed a non-return valve with

return valve with a maximum opening pressure

maximum of 65 Pa.

In air extraction mode

always ensure an adequate air supply

of air into the room if

the unit is operated

at the same time as the presence of

an active ventilated fireplace.

For optimum performance in air recirculation

air recirculation, we recommend a

of at least 440 cm².

For air recirculation mode, the dedicated

dedicated module must be used for air recirculation mode.

Connection values

Total consumption 300 W.

Connection cable length 1.3 m,

with plug.

Standby/display OFF consumption 0.4 W.