Barazza 1

Tax included

- 8 manual functions + quick defrost function

- Maximum temperature: 250 °C (Maximum temperature: 250 °C)

- Ability: 65 litres (Capacity: 65 litres)

- 90' mechanical timer with buzzer (90' mechanical timer with buzzer)

- Features: Easy Clean oven interior, removable and removable door with triple glass and crystals

radiators, tangential cooling ventilation, tilting grill, 2 side lights, side frames

(Features: knobs and handle in Soft-Touch finish, Easy Clean enamelled interior, exctractable and

door with triple heat-reflecting glass, tangential cooling fan, drop-down grill, 2 internal lights,

side racks)

- Equipment: 1 leccarda found in Easy Clean enamelled steel, 1 Easy Clean enamelled steel leccarda,

1 steel grid (Equipment: 1 Easy Clean enamelled steel deep drip tray, 1 Easy Clean enamelled steel

drip tray, 1 steel shelf)

- Maximum absorbed power: 2.7 kW (Maximum consciousness power: 2.7 kW)

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