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Flex Induction Cooktop

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Flex Induction Cooktop

Vario 200 Series

VI 232

- For a perfect combination with

all Vario 200 hobs.

- Practical control panel for safe and

safe and comfortable operation.

Cooking zones

2 Flex Induction zones each of

19x21 cm (2200 W, with booster 3700

W) when combined they reach the size

38x21 cm (3300 W, with booster

3700 W).


Control knobs with light ring.

light ring.

Integrated control panel.

Electronic power control with

9 levels.


Screen-printed cooking zones.

Flex function for rectangular

rectangular cooking zones.

Frying sensor.

Pot recognition system.

Booster function for each cooking zone.

cooking zones.


Residual heat indicator light.

Operation indicator light.

Automatic safety shut-off.

Assembly precautions

Only to be used with ferromagnetic

ferromagnetic pans only.

The appliance is equipped with springs

fixing springs that lock the hob after

insertion from above.

Appliance weight 7 kg.

Connection values

Total power consumption 3.7 kW.

Connection cable 1.5 m with plug

Schuko plug.