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Wok induction hob

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Wok induction hob

Vario 400 Series

VI 414

-- 32 cm cooking zone with

booster function.

-- Ideal for using the Wok pan and

its ring.

-- Frying Sensor for precise temperature control

precise temperature control during frying.


-- Easy control of all functions

thanks to two-colour display indicators.


-- Solid stainless steel control knob.

stainless steel control knob.

-- Precise machining of steel with

3 mm thick.

-- Possible countertop installation

or flush-mounted.

-- Perfect combination with all Vario 400

Perfect combination with all Vario 400 series appliances.

Cooking zones

1 induction zone ø 21 cm (2200 W,

with booster 3700 W), with automatic

automatic extension up to ø 26 cm (2600 W

with 3700 W booster) and to ø 32 cm

(3300 W, with 3700 W booster).


Steel knobs with ring

and silkscreen printing for cooking zones and

cooking zones and power levels.

Electronic power control with 12


User-friendly control with 2-colour display

colours (white/orange).


Frying sensor.

Booster function.


Programmable cooking time.

Options menu.

Power management function:

electronic regulation and limitation

of power consumption according

the need.

Possibility of hood control

(with compatible model).

Home Connect

Integrated digital services (Home

Connect) with the home network

wireless via WiFi.

The operation of Home

Connect mode depends on the availability of the

Home Connect service in each

country. For more information



Operating light

Pan recognition system.

Residual heat indication

Automatic safety shutdown.

Installation precautions

Depending on the type of installation

(surface-mounted or flush-mounted, with or without lid), the

cover), the position of the recess

recess and knob may vary.


It is advisable to align knobs and

cooking zones.

If the thickness is greater than 23 mm

refer to the technical drawing regarding

on the installation of the knobs,

(provide a recess in the


If several appliances of the

Vario 400 series without cover

it is necessary to use the

element VA 420 between the various

luminaires. Depending on the type of

of installation, the corresponding

corresponding connecting element.

connection element.

Important: any hobs

(VG, VP and VR), if equipped with a

stainless steel cover, can only be

only be installed in individual built-in compartments.

single units. Therefore, it is not possible to

combine several appliances in

a single hole. If several luminaires are installed

luminaires in individual slots, the

minimum distance between them must be

of 50 mm.

The load-bearing capacity and stability, particularly

in the case of thin worktops, must

be supported by appropriate

substructures. Take into

consideration of the weight of the appliance

and additional loads.

Additional installation instructions


Installation is possible in floors made of

stone, synthetic or solid wood.

The thermal resistance

thermal resistance and watertightness of the edges

of the notch. Regarding

other materials, please consult the

manufacturer of the worktop.

The groove must be continuous and

uniform, so as to ensure the correct

positioning of the unit

on the gasket. Do not use a

discontinuous coating.

The width of the joint may vary

due to dimensional tolerances of the

combinations and the notch on the surface

working surface.

If several appliances are installed in

individual niches, provide a space of

at least 50 mm between the niches.

Only to be used with pans

ferromagnetic pans.

The appliance is equipped with springs

fixing springs that lock the top after

insertion from above.

Appliance weight 10 kg

Connection values

Total consumption 3.7 kW.

Connection cable length 1.5 m

without plug.

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