siemens EX879FVC1E

The new induction hob allows you to cook in less time, darker and cleaner.

The extra-large cooking surface allows you to place your pot wherever you like on the flex zone.

Shorter heating times and up to 50% more power, thanks to the Boost function.

metalDesign stainless steel

Glass ceramic

PowerManagement function to limit power consumption by 1kW

5 induction cooking zones with electronic pan detector

Pot detection, safety switch, child safety

Electronic control with 17 levels

End-of-cooking timer for each individual zone

Minute counter

Residual heat indicators

Pot detection, safety switch, child safety device

Temporary function lock

Residual heat indicators

Main switch

TouchSlider controls

Turbo function for each cooking zone

Cable length (1.1 M )

Max. power consumption: 7.2 kW

Min. worktop height: 20 mm

glass ceramic

Glass ceramic gives the hob a design of extreme refinement and elegance without sacrificing its properties of great resistance to heat and thermal shock, acid or corrosive substances. It is extremely easy and convenient to clean thanks to its smooth scratch-resistant surface.


Cool surface. This is the main feature of Siemens induction hobs. Heat is generated directly on the pan, reducing heating times, minimising consumption and leaving the glass ceramic surface cold. Practicality and hygiene. Cold surface

also means being able to say goodbye to encrusted food residues. Cleaning is therefore quick and easy: just wipe with a damp cloth and you're done.

done. Pot detector. The Siemens induction hob can automatically detect the presence of pots on the cooking zones.

The absence of pots on the surface prevents the heating process, making the Siemens hob perfectly safe.

Child safety

Simply press the 'child safety' button for a few seconds and the dishwasher is safe from the hands of small children and accidental knocking of buttons. In addition, some models are equipped with a mechanical safety device, which prevents the door from being opened while washing is in progress.


Unique on the market, it is the most innovative system for controlling power and cooking levels: by touching the controls with a finger. Simple and fast. The ultimate in control.

The best of electronics. Even below 3 kW.

General features

Product line Hobs

Brand Siemens

Product name/family glass ceramic cooking zone

Product name/commercial code


EAN code

Built-in / free-standing built-in / built-in

Type of installation built-in

Operation electric

Number of gas burners 0

Number of electric cooking zones 5

Number of electric hotplates 0

Number of radiant cooking zones 0

Number of halogen cooking zones 0

Number of induction cooking zones 5

Dashboard location fronts

Type of controls Slider Timer

Main surface material glass ceramic

Surface colour stainless steel, stainless steel

Frame colour stainless steel

Electrical connection rating (W) 7.200 W

Voltage (V) 220-240 V

Frequency (Hz) 60; 50 Hz

Approval certificates AENOR, CE

Length of power supply cable (cm) 110.0 cm

Plug type without plug

Installation space dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 51 x 780-750 x 490-500 mm

Product width (mm) 812 mm

Product dimensions (mm) 51 x 812 x 520 mm

Net weight (kg) 16,000 kg

Gross weight (kg) 17,000 kg

Type 1st cooking zone induction

Dimensions 1st cooking zone 180 mm

Power 1st cooking zone 2.2 kW

Location 2nd cooking zone rear left

Type 2nd cooking zone

induction, normal zone

Dimensions 2nd cooking zone 145 mm

Power 2nd cooking zone 1.4 kW

Location 3rd cooking zone rear centre

Type 3rd cooking zone induction

Dimensions 3rd cooking zone 240 mm

Power 3rd cooking zone 2.2 kW

Location 4th cooking zone

Right cooking zone

Type 4th cooking zone induction

Type 5th cooking zone induction

Power indication no

Type of regulation


Type of gas safety device no

Residual heat indicator


Main on/off switch yes

Safety device

Key Lock, time limitation, power management function, pan detector, child safety

Accessories included

1 x Compensation strip 750 - 780 mm

Notch depth 51.0 mm

Instruction manual languages

Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish

Product category for size 80 cm

induction cooking zones yes

Type of connection cable 2-phase, single-phase



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