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60 cm induction hob with stainless steel side profiles

bosch PXE675DC1E

"Bosch Series 8 Induction Cooktop 60 cm

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The Bosch Serie 8 Piano Cottura a Induzione 60 cm is the perfect choice for any modern kitchen. This induction cooktop offers fast and even heating, making it ideal for all your cooking needs. With four single-ring burners and two dual zone Burner Flexzones, it can accommodate multiple pans of different sizes simultaneously. The integrated powerBoost function provides instant heat to quickly stir fry or boil ingredients with ease so that you can create delicious meals in no time at all! In addition, this cooktop's intuitive touch controls are extremely responsive and easy to use while its sleek black ceramic glass surface looks stylish and allows for effortless cleaning after each use. Thanks to its advanced technology such as AutoHeat Control Pro – which ensures optimum utilisation of every pan size - this energy efficient appliance will save you both time and money despite providing amazing results at lightning speed!

The induction hob with frying In addition, you will get a perfect frying result thanks to the automatic temperature control.
Premium direct selection: direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power levels and additional functionality.
PerfectFry: for optimal frying material browning thanks to the 5-level control sensor.
FlexInductions Zone: flexible Interconnection of cooking zones to form a continuous surface for small pots and optional large accessories
Induction: quick, spot-on kitchen, easy cleaning and low energy consumption.
Comfort Profile: elegant and shapely design with front facet cut and side metal strips.
Power Boost function With the improved Power Boost function, we have once again increased the performance level of our induction hobs for you. To bring that to you. Like a pot with 2 litres of water three times faster for cooking on a traditional hob.
Steam cooking in hot steamed foods not only taste particularly tender and juicy, but are healthier.Flavors, vitamins and minerals are preserved.
Best of all: You can cook simultaneously on three levels, without the odours of various mischen.Noch one more point: since the Bosch steam oven have built water tanks, a direct water connection is required
Main switch All our gas hobs are equipped with a main switch with quick stop function. So if the doorbell rings surprisingly and you want to interrupt the cooking process in a short time, just press a button and all the flames go out. The LED heat indicator shows at a glance which pot support after shutting down might still be hot - which protects large and small fingers
High speed glass ceramic, without furniture
Premium Direct Selection
    PerfectFry Bratsensor mit 5 Temperaturstufen
    Start again
    TopControl digital display
    Stopwatch for hob
    Timer with stop function for each cooking zone
Power boost function for all cooking zones
Power and size:
4 induction cooking zones with pan detection
    1 FlexInduktions-Zone
    17 power levels
Environment and safety:
Safety shutdown
    Parental Lock
    2-stage residual heat indicator for each cooking zone
    PowerManagement Funktion
    Clean protective function
    Main switch
Power consumption: 7.4 kW
    Connection cable (1.1 m)
    Connection cable enclosed in the package
    Worktop Thickness min. 30 mm
    Device dimensions (WxHxD): 51 x 606 x 527 mm
    Installation dimensions (WxDxH): 560 x 500 mm
    Can be combined with glass ceramic hob in the design the comfort
Main features
Approbationszertifikate AENOR, CE
Product / family name Ceramic plate
Ignition No
Type of coverage Excluded
Niche dimensions (mm) 51 x 560-560 x 490-500 mm
Plug without connector
Base surface material Ceramic
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Gross weight (kg) 15,000 kg
Width (mm) 606 mm
Type of appliance width 60
Immersion depth 51.0 mm
GA Production Supplement Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Italian
02:00. Design
Shape Recessed luminaire
Type of installation Can be integrated
Total number of titles that can be used simultaneously 4
Number of gas burners 0
Number of electric cooking points 4
Number of electric plates 0
Number of cooking points with radiant heating 0
Number of halogen plates 0
Number of induction plates 4
Control panel location Front
The surface color Stainless steel, black
Frame design Facette vo + hello, Seitl profile.
Frame colour Stainless steel
Design - Facette vo + ciao line, Seitl profile.
03:00. Dimensions and weights
Product dimensions (mm) 51 x 606 x 527 mm
Nettogewicht (kg) 14,000 kg
4.20. Cooking zone 2
Location of 2nd rear left heating element
Type of 2nd heating element Induction, vector zone
Dimensions of 2nd heating element (mm) 190; 240 mm
Power of 2nd heating element (kW) 2.2 kW
4.30. Cooking zone 3
Location of the 3rd heating element Rear right
Type 3rd heating element Induction
Dimensions of the 3rd heating element (mm) 145 mm
Power of the 3rd heating element (kW) 1.4 kW
4.40. Cooking zone 4
Location of the 4th heating element Right Front
Type of 4th heating element Induction
Dimension of the 4th heating element (mm) 210 mm
Power of the 4th el

bosch PXE675DC1E