Siemens HB635GBS1J

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Thanks to rapid heating, you can reach the set temperature in a shorter time and, thanks to the coolStart function, you can cook frozen food without preheating the oven. The CookControl 10 automatic cooking programmes can simplify cooking with the process of pre-selected programmes.
4D hotAir has maximum cooking freedom at different levels, softMove helps you open and close the oven door.ecoClean
ecoClean® is an innovative self-cleaning wall system patented by Siemens and represents the latest development of normal catalytic walls. One of the main advantages is that the ecoClean® wall does not need to be replaced and has a long service life. Your best ally when it comes to oven cleaning.
The varioSteam oven is equipped with a Siemens 3D multi-layer system, which always guarantees the best results, even on several levels. The temperature can be adjusted between 30° and 230° C to prepare juicy roasts, delicious cakes and even pizzas like a conventional oven.
The automatic cooking programme ensures excellent cooking results every time. In the customisable version, the duration can be changed as required.
The rapid heating quickly warms the cooking space to the desired temperature. Depending on the required temperature, it can save up to 40% time.
2.8" colour display with TFT technology
Ecolyse: rear wall
Cavity volume: 71 l
INC ELECTRONIC CATALYTIC OVEN A+ with 13 cooking functions:
Hot Air 4D, MonoLevel 3D Eco, Top and Bottom Heating, ECO Heating, Ventilated Grill, Large Surface Grill, Small Surface Grill, Pizza Function, Special function for frozen food coolStart, Bottom Heating, Low Temperature Cooking, Preheating, Keep Warm
Assisted cooking system: Automatic programmes
Number of automatic programmes: 10 pieces
Electronic clock with start and end of cooking programming
Temperatures from 30 °C to 300 °C
Full glass door interior
Flap door, SoftClose soft-closing door, SoftOpening
Rapid heating
Tangential cooling
Stainless steel fan
Technical information
Max. input power (electr.): 2.85 kW
Appliance dimensions (HxWxD): 595 mm x 595 mm x 548 mm
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 560 mm - 568 mm x 585 mm - 595 mm x 550 mm
Energy efficiency class (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014):
Energy consumption per cycle during conventional operation: 0.87 kWh
Energy consumption per cycle during ventilated operation: 0.69 kWh
Number of cavities: 1
Type of power supply: electrical
Cavity volume: 71 l

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