Ilve HCP1265FD

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Countertop hob with 6 burners, Fry Top plate, dual gas burner, cast iron grids and brass flame spreaders. This 120 cm gas hob from the Professional Plus line of professional home kitchen appliances is available in stainless steel or satin finish.

Hob with cast-iron grills

Integrated ignition on knobs

Safety valve

Total Black brass flame dividers with nanotechnology non-stick treatment

Dual gas burners with power up to 5 kW


Stainless steel body colours

Satin finish

General features

Sturdy cast-iron grills

Electric ignition integrated in the knob

Flame infinitely adjustable from minimum to maximum

Safety valve

Brass flame divider with nanotechnology non-stick treatment



Double-crown burner Ø 120 mm

4.3 kW / 1.8 kW

Dual-crown burner 5 kW Ø 120 mm

5.0 kW / 0.3 kW

Four large burners Ø 90 mm

4 x 3 kW / 0.6 kW

Two small burners Ø 60 mm

2 x 1.8 kW / 0.4 kW