Ilve Gas Stainless Steel Hob 90 cm Professional.


Ilve offers a stainless steel gas hob with a flush-to-top frame: sturdy cast iron grids, adjustable flames and guaranteed safety. Perfect for every culinary need thanks to the 4.5 kW/0.3 kW Dual burner + 2x 3kW / 0.6 kW Large Burner + 2x 1.8Kw/ 0.4kw Small Burner; 90 cm in length ideal for the most coveted kitchen spaces!

  • s.steel SS
Knob and handrail finishing
  • Satin finish
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Ilve HCPMT95D: a stainless steel gas hob with a 90 cm flush-top frame created to meet the needs of the most modern kitchen style. Equipped with sturdy cast iron grates, integrated electric ignition, adjustable flame and high-performance non-stick flame spreader. A professional product!

General characteristics

• Sturdy cast iron grates

• Integrated electric ignition

• Continuously adjustable flame

• Safety valve

• Brass flame spreader with

nanotechnological treatment



• Dual burner

Ø 120 mm 4.5 kW / 0.3 kW

• Large burner

Ø 90 mm 2 x 3 kW / 0.6 kW

• Small burner

Ø 60 mm 2 x 1.8 kW / 0.4 kW