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Smeg SRV576O: 70/75 cm Stainless Gas Cooking Floor


Lift your experience in the kitchen with SRV576O gas hob. With an elegant design and high quality materials, this 70/75 cm model provides efficient performance and safety thanks to its ergonomically positioned burners. Make each meal an impeccable culinary experience with the timeless style offered by the Smeg brand.

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With the SRV576O gas hob of the renowned Smeg brand, you will enjoy high performance and elegant design. This 70/75 cm stainless steel model offers an easy to clean and scratch resistant surface. Thanks to its five cooking areas, including two high speeds to bring water to boiling quickly, you will have maximum flexibility in preparing your favorite dishes. In addition, with ergonomic front controls and anti-slip glazed grills, you will get comfort and efficiency during every use of your new Smeg cooking stove.

Gas cooker cm 70/75 - stainless steel - Smeg SRV576O


Family: Cooking plan

Size: 70/75 cm

Type: Gas

Incasso: Traditional

Power supply: Gas

EAN Code: 8017709325367


Color: Stainless Steel

Finish: Satinate

Aesthetic: Contemporary

Type: Satinate

Material: Inox

Color knobs: Silver

Type of control: Hands

Command position: Front

No knobs: 6

Grills: Square Wave

Color silkscreen: Grey

Programs / Functions

Total number of cooking areas: 5

Number of gas cooking areas: 5


Recessed hole: 478-482x555-560 mm

Cooking areas

Location 1st area: Front left

Location 2nd area: Posterior left

Location 3rd area: Central

Location 4th area: Rear right

Location 5° area: Front right

Type 1st area: Gas - Auxiliary

Type 2nd area: Gas - Rapid

Type 3rd area: Gas - Ultrarapid (dual)

Type 4th area: Gas - Semirapid

Type 5th area: Gas - Semirapid

Power 1st area: 1.10 kW

2nd area power: 2.60 kW

3rd area power: 5.00 kW

4th area power: 1.70 kW

5th area power: 1.70 kW

Technical characteristics

Type of gas: G20 Natural gas

Safety Valve: Yes

Quick switching under the knob: Yes

Electrical connection

Named gas connection data: 11500 W

Power cord length: 120 cm

Logistics Information

Product size (mm): 32x685x500

Product depth: 500 mm

Product width: 685 mm

Product height: 32 mm

Net weight (kg): 14.800 kg

Gross weight (kg): 15,700 kg

Accessories (optional)

- BB3679 Cast Iron Glass

- 6MP700BS Set handles Cortina silver/silver

- GGB70-1 Cast iron grills for 70 cm hob.

- C70CP/1 Cream cover for 70 cm hob with front controls.

- 6MP700AX Set knobs Cortina anthracite/silver

- 6MPF2465X Set knobs Selection

- 6MP700PO Set knobs Cortina panna/ottone

- 6MP700RWX Set handles Cortina Red Wine/silver

- C70CA/1 Anthracite cover for 70 cm hob with front controls.

- C70CEB/1 White cover for 70 cm hob with front controls.

- C70CX/1 Glass cover with stainless steel frame for 70 cm hob with front controls.

- TPK Baking plate Teppanyaki 32.5 cm, stainless steel

- C70CNE-2 Black cover for 70 cm hob with front controls.

- 6MP700AO Set knobs Cortina anthracite / brass


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Smeg SRV576

Smeg SRV576O: 70/75 cm Stainless Gas Cooking Floor