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NEFF KI7861SF0 Integrable Combined Refrigerator NO FROST With Pull-On Door (H. 178 cm)

Combined refrigerator equipped with No Frost technology, which simplifies its management as it prevents the formation of ice and frost so that the freezer no longer needs to be defrosted. The refrigerator has several shelves and a drawer to organise the space and store food efficiently at all times. 

Eco Air Flow: homogeneous air circulation for constant temperature and fast cooling.

Fresh Safe: drawer for flexible storage of fresh fruit and vegetables.

No Frost: no more defrosting your freezer.

SuperFreeze: temporarily lowers the temperature, ideal for quicker freezing of freshly placed food.

Flexible height shelves for modular space management

Fresh Safe 2

Fresh food up to 3 times longer thanks to a constant temperature close to 0°C and an optimal humidity level inside each drawer: for fruit and vegetables the humidity level is higher; the meat and fish compartment, on the other hand, reaches a temperature of around 0°C, with a low humidity level, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and keep food fresh

NoFrost Technology

With the No Frost system, you no longer have to worry about defrosting your freezer, as a fan blows air over the food to prevent condensation and prevent frost and ice from forming, ensuring a constant flow of dry air into your freezer

Super Freeze

With this function you can temporarily lower the temperature, ideal for quicker freezing of newly inserted food: by activating Super Freeze before inserting a food at room temperature, the overheating of food already stored in the same drawer is reduced, for optimal conservation. The function switches off automatically when the temperature has been restored.


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