Gaggeanau AI442100

Island suction centre

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Island suction centre

400 Series

A I 442

-- Professional filter technology

combined with classic Gaggenau design.

Gaggenau design.

-- Highly efficient vapour extraction

efficient thanks to a large

suction surface.

-- Without motor, can be combined with

Gaggenau BLDC motors.

-- Slanted filter hood with high

degree of grease absorption.

-- Suction power regulated

automatically via air quality control sensor.

air quality control sensor.

-- Warm, adjustable LED light, ideal

ideal for illuminating the entire hob.


-- Extraction or recirculating

air recirculation system.

-- Can be combined with

recirculation with active carbon filter:

for highly efficient and silent air recirculation

efficient and silent air recirculation.


Power and noise levels

dependent on the Gaggenau motor

chosen and the piping scheme



3 electronically controlled power levels

electronic control and

intensive operation.

Automatic operation option

thanks to air quality control sensor.

air quality.

Filter saturation indication.

Inclined, dishwasher-safe filter.

Warm white LED light

(3500 k), adjustable.

Lighting power: 4 x 10 W.

Illumination 1390 lx.

Consumption values

Consumption data referring to a

configuration with motor AR 400 143.

Energy efficiency class: A/A/A

on a scale of energy efficiency classes

energy efficiency classes from A++ to D.

Energy consumption 53.5/53.3/52.4 kWh/


Suction efficiency class:


Lighting efficiency class:


Filter efficiency class: B/B/B.

Sound level min. 45/44/44 db / max.

62/62/61 db at normal intensity.

Mounting Precautions

Motor can be combined according to

suction mode: extraction or

recirculation. The channel must be ordered as an


Connection to the respective motor via

data cable.

Minimum distance from gas hobs: 70 cm.

Minimum distance from electric hobs

electric hobs below: 60 cm.

Recirculation operating module

with 2 active carbon filters installed

inside the channel. There are

specific channels for this configuration

If installed in extraction mode

provide a safety switch

in case there is an

open flame with a ventilated chimney (e.g.


Connection values

Total consumption 50/50/50 W.

Connection cable 1.8 m, with plug.