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80 cm 400 series induction hob with frame

Gaggenau CX482111

Gaggenau CX482111 is an 80 cm induction hob from the 400 series by Gaggenau. It is a high-end model that offers excellent performance and functionality.

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The CX482111 hob has five independent cooking zones, each of which is adjustable over a power range from 100 to 3700 watts. The cooking zones feature automatic pan detection, which allows the hob to automatically adjust to the size of the pan used.

The hob is equipped with a series of innovative functions, including:

Powerboost: This feature increases the power of a cooking zone for a short period of time, which is useful for quickly cooking frozen foods or searing meat.

FryBoost: This function increases the power of a cooking zone for a short period of time, which is useful for frying foods.

Bridge: this function allows you to combine two adjacent cooking zones to create a single larger cooking zone.

The CX482111 hob is a high quality product that offers excellent performance and functionality. It is an ideal choice for those who want a stylish and functional induction hob.

Full Induction hob

Vario 400 Series

C X 482

- The most advanced

induction technology.

- With stainless steel frame.

- Unique cooking surface.

- Total freedom of positioning

of the pan across the entire surface.

- The entire

surface of the hob can be used for


- Max. power for large pots

5.5 kW.

- TFT touch display for quick and intuitive

of all functions quickly and intuitively.

Cooking zones

A single cooking surface of 2750 cm².

48 micro-inductors guarantee

perfect flexibility of the entire hob

cooking zones.

Up to 5 cooking positions can be recognised

up to 5 cooking positions simultaneously.

cooking positions.


TFT touch control display with

operating instructions.

Electronic control with 17 levels.


Cooking Sensor function (cooking sensor

cooking sensor).

Professional Cooking function.

professional cooking).

Dynamic cooking function.


Teppan Yaki function.

Booster for pots.

Booster for pans.

Keep warm function.

Individual position detection.

cooking position.

Timer for each cooking position.


Minute counter.

Information button.

Power management function:

electronic regulation and limitation

of power consumption according

according to need.

Possibility of hood control

(with compatible model).

Home Connect

Integrated digital services (Home

Connect) with the home network

wireless via WiFi.

The operation of Home

Connect Wireless via WiFi depends

on the availability of the Home Connect service

Connect service in each country.

For more information visit



Main switch (on/off).

Residual heat indicator.

Child safety.

Pause function.

Automatic safety shutdown.

Installation precautions

Depending on the type of installation (surface

or flush-mounted), please observe the

notch dimensions.

If several appliances of the

Vario 400 series without cover

it is necessary to use the element

element VA 420 between the various

luminaires. Depending on the type of

of installation, the corresponding

corresponding connecting element.

connection element.

Important: any hobs

(VG, VP and VR), if equipped with a

stainless steel cover, can only be

only be installed in individual built-in compartments.

single units. Therefore, it is not possible to

combine several appliances in

a single hole. If several luminaires are installed

luminaires in individual slots, the

minimum distance between them must be

of 50 mm.

The load-bearing capacity and stability, particularly

in the case of thin worktops, must

be supported by appropriate


Take into account the weight

of the appliance and additional loads.

Additional instructions for flush-top installation

flush top:

Installation is possible in countertops made of

stone, synthetic or solid wood.

The thermal resistance and

thermal resistance and watertightness of the edges

of the notch. Regarding other

materials, please consult the

manufacturer of the worktop.

The groove must be continuous and

uniform, so as to ensure the correct

positioning of the unit on the

gasket. Do not use a

discontinuous coating.

The width of the joint may vary due to

due to dimensional tolerances of the

combinations and the notch on the work surface.

working surface.

If several appliances are installed in

individual niches, provide a space of

at least 50 mm between the niches.

Only to be used with pans

ferromagnetic cookware.

The Wok cooker - WP 400001- cannot

be used on this top.

Depth in the cabinet 63.6 mm.

Installation with intermediate shelf.

The appliance can be installed

from above.

Appliance weight 27 kg.

Connection values

Total consumption 7.4 kW.

Connection cable length 1.5 m

without plug.

Gaggenau CX482111

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