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Induction hob 60 cm U-profile beveled corners

bosch PVS631FB5E
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Induction cooktop: cook quickly and safely with minimal energy use.

DirectSelect: Easy selection of desired cooking zones, power and all functions.
CombiZone: Increased flexibility through the combination of two individual cooking zones to achieve uniform heat distribution even when using large pots and pans.
Induction: Fast and precise cooking, easy to clean and low in energy consumption.
PowerBoost: Up to 50% more power for maximum performance
Timer to switch off the cooking zones autonomously at the end of the set time

DirectSelect: direct selection of cooking functions
Electronic control with 17 levels
Other features
PowerBoost function for each cooking zone
Count-down timer: end of cooking timer for each individual zone
QuickStart function: allows quick selection of the cooking power
RStart function: resetting the cooking settings in case of accidental switch-off
4 cooking zones with automatic pot recognition
Automatic recognition of pots and pans
Safety auto power off
Child safety
Clean function: Easy to clean (temporary electronics lock)
Energy Tutor" function to limit 1 kW power consumption

Product line Cooktop
Bosch Brand
Product name/family glass-ceramic cooking zone
Product name / commercial code PVS631FB5E
Finished product code PVS631FB5E
Code EAN 4242005088713
Type of product Built-in
Type of electronic control
Type of commands and indicators forward , DirectSelect 1.0 (Timer)
Electrical operation
Energy consumption of hob 178,3 Wh/kg
Energy efficiency of hob %
Total number of simultaneously usable positions 4
Number of gas burners 0
Number of electric cooking zones 3
Number of electric plates 0
Number of radiant cooking zones 0
Number of halogen hobs 0
Number of induction cooking zones 4
Number of heating zones 0
Control panel position Front panel
Possibility of external control
Type of gas
Type of alternative gas
Main material of the glass-ceramic surface
Main color black
Colour of the black surface
Frame type
Frame color
Other colours available
Nominal electrical connection data (W) 6900 W
Nominal gas connection data (W) W
Current (A) A
Voltage (V) 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz) 50; 60 Hz
AENOR , CE type approval certificates
Length of power supply cable (cm) 110 cm
Plug type without plug
Gas connection
Product height (mm) 51 mm
Product width (mm) 592 mm
Product depth (mm) 522 mm
Height of packed product (mm) 126 mm
Width of packed product (mm) 608 mm
Packed product depth (mm) 753 mm
Minimum niche height (mm) 490 mm
Maximum height of the niche (mm) 500 mm
Minimum niche width (mm) 560 mm
Maximum niche width (mm) 560 mm
Niche depth (mm) 51 mm
Net weight (kg) 12,071 kg
Gross weight (kg) 13.0 kg
Automatic program no
Location of the 1st front left cooking zone
Type of heating element
Cooking zone dimensions mm
Cooking zone power kW
Energy consumption of the cooking zone Wh/kg
Energy efficiency of the cooking zone %
Location of 2nd cooking zone Cooking zone cent. left
Type 2 induction cooking zone
Dimensions 2nd cooking zone 380 x 210 mm
Power 2nd cooking zone 3.6 kW
Energy consumption 2nd cooking zone 185.0 Wh/kg
Energy efficiency 2nd cooking zone %
Location 3rd rear left cooking zone
Type 3rd cooking zone
Dimensions 3rd cooking zone mm
Power 3rd cooking zone kW
Energy consumption 3rd cooking zone Wh/kg
Energy efficiency 3rd cooking zone %
Location of 4th central rear cooking zone
Type 4th cooking zone
Dimensions 4th cooking zone mm
Power 4th cooking zone kW
Energy consumption 4th cooking zone Wh/kg
Energy efficiency 4th cooking zone %
Location 5th cooking zone Cooking zone rear right
Type 5° induction cooking zone
Dimensions 5th cooking zone 145 mm
Power 5th cooking zone 1.4 kW
Energy consumption 5th cooking zone 175.0 Wh/kg
Energy efficiency 5th cooking zone %
Location of the 6th cooking zone Cooking zone cent. right
Type 6° cooking zone
Dimensions of the 6th cooking zone mm
Power 6° cooking zone kW
Energy consumption 6th cooking zone Wh/kg
Energy efficiency 6th cooking zone %
Position of the 7th heating element Cooking zone front right
Type of 7th heating element induction
Dimension of 7th heating element (mm) 180 mm
Power of 7th heating element (kW) 1.8 kW
Energy consumption 7th cooking zone 175.0 Wh/kg
Energy efficiency 7th cooking zone %
Position of the 8th central front heating element
Type of 8th heating element
Dimension of 8th heating element (mm) mm
Power of 8th heating element (kW) kW
Energy consumption 8th cooking zone Wh/kg
Energy efficiency 8° zo

bosch PVS631FB5E

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