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Gaggenau BSP270101 OTHER

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1 stainless steel tank not


1 perforated stainless steel tank

1 grid

1 radiator

1 water load pipe, 3 m

1 water drain pipe, 3 m

4 cartridges cleaning

Oven CombiVapore 200 Series

BSP 270/BSP 271

Wire installation.

Direct connection to the water network

with load and discharge.

Large stainless steel cavity.

LED lighting.

External generation of steam.

Vapor without pressure.

Hot air from 30 °C to 230 °C

combined with steam and humidity

0%, 30%, 60%, 80% or


Sous-vide cooking function.

Grill to the whole surface behind

glass-ceramic, combined with air

warm up to 230 °C and steam.

Automatic programs.

Termosonda with indication of

cooking time.

Internal fan with rotation in

anti-clockwise and clockwise for a

optimal heat distribution.

TFT touch display.

Device door surface

with controls without band


Electronic control of

temperature from 30 °C to 230 °C.

Net volume 50 liters.

Heating systems

Hot air + 100 % humidity.

Hot air + 80 % humidity.

Hot air + 60 % humidity.

Hot air + 30 % humidity.

Hot air + 0 % humidity.

Cooking at low temperature.

Sous-vide cooking.

Grill level 1 + residual humidity.

Grill level 2 + residual humidity.

Grill + ventilated.





TFT touch display with knobs for a

easy and intuitive use.

Display with lyrics.

Option to store recipes


Possibility of customization of

automatic programs.

Information key.

Side opening of the door up to 110°.


Grill on the surface behind

glassware up to 2000 W.

Steam condensation function.

Moisture nebulization.

3-point temperature sensor with

automatic shutdown and indication

cooking time.

Automatic programs.

Display with temperature indicator.

Functions timer: cooking time, time

end cooking, short timer, long timer,


Automatic temperature calibration

of boiling.

Side LED light.

Stainless steel baking compartment.

3 input levels.

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